Adelaide, SA – Part 2

Well, here we are more or less where I last left off.  We have explored the surroundings a little bit and met many of Beth’s friends from the old times.  We visited the Museum of South Australia in Adelaide, a very interesting museum about Aboriginal history and culture and also the civilizations of the Pacific.  We walked in the down town area in the scorching sun, the sun is really different here, it burns right through the skin.  We all got our tans, even Ben who finds it way too warm.  We went to the Cancer Council to

Ben in the South Australian Museum

get some advise on how to prepare the little one out in the Outback.  So, among other things, we bought him sunglasses.  He looks so cool it was incredible, he flashed us a smile…. ….priceless.  He needs to get used to them though as he constantly takes them off.  We also went to the outdoor shop and bought long sleeve sun proof shirts and received a little advise on venturing out there.  There will be stretches on our way to Uluru of over 200km with nothing but a straight line through red dust in the scorching sun, I have no worries but better safe than sorry.  We have bought more than 50L of water already, hopefully we will not

Downtown Adelaide

need it.  Late in the evening we also went up the hills top see the city lights.  On Saturday we went to Henley Beach, the beach is 10 minutes away from the city center!

We also got our rental today, maybe it is because they saw the booking was from Germany, they gave us a VW Jetta, Auto, Leather and the works.  It is also a diesel so we will be saving on gas money.  Diesel here is 50% more expensive than normal unleaded though.  Tomorrow, we are going to go down town again to see the Botanical Garden,  Migration Museum and also the Himeji Gardens.  In the afternoon we will meet some friends for dinner and then we will get ready for the trip on Wednesday.  We will visit Flinders Ranges, according to SA Tourism Organization FR is

Beth and her Godfather, Adelaide city lights in the background

“…among Australia’s best natural and cultural landscapes, offering a rich environment for you to experience on your Outback holiday. The Flinders Ranges provide an emotionally uplifting and tranquil travel destination.”.  We will stay in the only hotel in the National Park, the Wilpena Pound Resort, planning to so some hiking and get to some look out spots to take in the amazing scenery, we may also do a short plane tour over the Wilpena Pound to take some pictures.  We will take the scenic route that will take us through the Southern Flinders Ranges and the towns of Gladstone, Melrose, Quorn, Hawker into Wilpena.  It is going to take about 6-8 hours

Enjoying Henley Beach

depending on how many breaks we will take but we will try to take us much in as possible and will write about it once we are back this coming weekend.

So long…

Ben & Fofo
Helen, Wayne and his son Ryan
They always look so good together!
Ben and Alekos

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